In the early morning hours of April 15th, 1912 the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, struck an iceberg and sank beneath the surface of the North Atlantic ocean with a loss of over 1500 lives. At the time she was the largest moving object on the planet and touted as being unsinkable…

The Online Titanic Museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Titanic; her twin sisters Olympic and Britannic, and the White Star Line – the shipping line that owned and operated the three Olympic-class steamers.

This website is a virtual display of our private collection of authentic Titanic artifacts and related memorabilia from every stage of her short life – from pre-sinking souvenirs taken off the ship, items ejected from the ship as she broke apart during her final moments, to post-sinking memorial memorabilia.

The collection is constantly growing so be sure to check back often for new and exciting discoveries!