carpetfullOn April 2nd, 1912 as the newly-launched Titanic was docked in Belfast for her fitting out, bedroom steward Frederick Dent Ray was wandering through her hallways watching the construction crews at work. Stopping to watch a carpet layer at work in a first class stateroom on C deck, Mr.Ray noticed several scraps of green carpeting that had been discarded in a corner. He asked if he could bring a piece home to show his wife¬†“the lovely carpets they are putting on this grand ship”. As the piece was too small to be of use anywhere else, permission was given and Mr. Ray promptly pocketed a scrap and took it home. Mr. Ray would eventually survive Titanic’s sinking and some time after returning home set to work building a piano stool for his wife. He found that the scrap of carpeting he had removed from Titanic was perfect padding for the seat of the stool when doubled up. Its existence was eventually forgotten until after Mr. Ray’s 90th birthday when he decided to move to a smaller home closer to his family. While packing up the piano stool, it tipped over and broke revealing the scrap of Titanic carpeting. It was subsequently donated to the newly formed Titanic Historical Society of Indian Orchard, MA. where it was cut up into six small pieces and presented upon plaques to officers and other important members while the remainder was put on display at the THS museum. This piece, coming from one of the original six presented by the Titanic Historical Society, entered the collection of the Online Titanic Museum as a generous gift from a friend and fellow collector.

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