framebigWhen Titanic broke apart during the final stages of the sinking, she split in two in the area of the aft First Class Grand Staircase. While involved in the Titanic victim body recovery mission, the cable ship Minia recovered numerous sections of wreckage that were obviously once part of Titanic’s staircase. Newel posts, carved hand railing borders, and even two intact steps were found floating in the open sea and were taken aboard by the sailors working on the Minia. Once plucked from the sea, the crewmen set about turning these relics from the great ship into everyday usable objects.

This piece of Titanic’s aft Grand Staircase is believed to have once been a part of a step or a step back panel recovered by the Minia. It was turned by the ship’s carpenter, William Parker, into a well-known picture frame which he crafted for Chief Officer, James Adams.

Many thanks to Kevin Saucier from for this piece.

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